Five Tips for Real Estate Contact Management

As a real estate agent, you will regularly meet people on the street, at open houses, at business functions, and through existing contacts. Contacts will be given to you by other agents, and online services can deliver them to you by the dozens... or by the thousands. The best CRM for Real Estate will let you use detailed information on their online activities to profile your contacts and guide them into tailored marketing funnels. How can you stay organized in this sea of information while growing and maintaining client relationships? Read more

Top 4 Tips for Picking the Right CRM Solution

By evaluating and managing client interactions and information throughout the customer lifecycle, CRM solutions can help enhance business-client relationships, improve customer retention, and drive sales. Several different CRM solutions are currently available, each of which is designed to accommodate businesses that vary in size and budget. While it’s easy to see the benefits of using a CRM solution, picking the best CRM for real estate is an entirely different matter. Here are four tips for picking the right CRM solution. Read more

5 Ways To Put Your Real Estate CRM To Work For You

These days, there are many real estate IXACT CRM tools available for use in the industry. Those who have the capability to make the best out of the system are those who will succeed more than the rest of business. Read more

4 Ways to Save Time Using CRM for Real Estate

To maximize your earnings as a real estate agent, you have to spend your time wisely. IXACT CRM software for real estate is one of the most significant new productivity boosters to hit our industry in decades. Agents also refer to this type of software as customer relationship management tools; this is because the central focus of the tool set is helping real estate professionals to manage their client relationships more efficiently. If you haven't already thoroughly researched your options for automating your tasks relating to customer relationships, you'll definitely want to check out the following 4 ways to save time using CRM for real estate: Read more

Top Business Tips for Real Estate Agents

The most successful real estate agents are those who realize that they need to understand both how to buy, evaluate, and sell real estate and how to administer a business. There are a variety of techniques and tools that they use to make the process easier, such as IXACT CRM for real estate. In many cases, these tools serve to simplify the business administration job so that they can focus on the real estate itself. That has a lot of potential for administrators who want to save time and streamline their operations, so every agent should try to be familiar with a few basic tips. Read more

How to Get More Leads for Your Real Estate CRM Software

If you have decided to use real estate CRM software for your marketing purposes, you are not alone. Real estate marketing can take up a tremendous amount of your time each workday, and despite regular effort, you still may not feel as though you are doing enough on the marketing front to be truly successful. The right real estate CRM software program may have many fabulous features in it that can help you to take your business to the next level. However, in order for your software to be as effective as possible, you need to load new leads into it regularly. There are a few steps you can take to generate more leads for use in your software program. Read more

How the CRM program can Improve your Real Estate Business

The real estate industry has specific requirements that will play a huge role whenever you are looking to invest in Real Estate CRM Software. The best CRM program for other applications does not necessarily deliver the goods in real estate. In addition to understanding how to choose the ideal CRM software for your real estate business, it is vital to understand the industry-specific features that apply to your business. Read more

Impact of Extra Features in Adoption Rates of Real Estate CRMs in Canada

Real estate is a pretty competitive industry, and customer relationship management (CRM) software offer great opportunities for independent real estate agents to gain an edge against big firms and other local competition. Big companies can benefit too from real estate CRM—it can go a long way in helping them streamline their operations. More resources can be found at the IXACT CRM website. Read more

Capitalizing on Real Estate CRM to Maintain Client Relationships

Customer relationship management is a crucial part of any business that has to deal with the human aspect. The real estate industry is one that finds IXACT CRM very beneficial what with all the clients that agents have to handle. Now there are CRM products that enable realtors to manage their contacts and maintain amiable relationships. Real estate CRM software come in many forms and although the features may vary from one to another, most of the pros real estate agents get are standard, and one of them is the ability to keep in touch with clients. Read more

The Realtor Perspective for CRM

Realtors rely on referrals from clients, which will motivate professional realtors to place a high importance on IXACT CRM for real estate agencies. A customer base is an integral component for future profits. The resources for a realtor are crucial because there are several channels for marketing his or her services. Realtors must compete against other realtors who use ads in newspapers and ads on websites to attract buyers and sellers. A client is a professional contact who can help to connect a realtor with new clients. Read more