Capitalizing on Real Estate CRM to Maintain Client Relationships

Capitalizing on Real Estate CRM to Maintain Client Relationships


Customer relationship management is a crucial part of any business that has to deal with the human aspect. The real estate industry is one that finds CRM very beneficial what with all the clients that agents have to handle. Now there are CRM products that enable realtors to manage their contacts and maintain amiable relationships. Real estate CRM software come in many forms and although the features may vary from one to another, most of the pros real estate agents get are standard, and one of them is the ability to keep in touch with clients.

Ease of Use
CRM software is ideal when generating a new customer base and cultivating contacts, but it is also excellent for maintaining these relationships. Just getting the right prospects to work with is not enough; know how to show that you appreciate them. Real estate IXACT CRM is designed to help with storage of customer contact and information, but modern designs have gone beyond that. For one, CRM systems are automated, meaning that sending out emails and newsletters to clients is efficient and instantaneous, making it less complicated to keep in touch.

The Need for Contact

One mistake that real estate professionals make is to forget about clients after a home purchase or sale. Even though people don’t buy homes all the time, there is still need to maintain a healthy relationship because past clients can help bring you new business. For example, if you worked with a customer in a home purchase and the services were satisfactory, chances are they can recommend you to someone else or even use your services again. Now, how would that be possible if a former client doesn’t remember your contacts or if you moved offices? Staying in touch goes a long way in ensuring that past clients still remember you.

Do it Right

It helps to know how to capitalize on real estate CRM to keep a relationship going. Remember, however, that this is not about selling yourself. A simple birthday wish or a “happy holidays” a few times in a year makes all the difference. Maintaining past relationships is about creating a personalized touch to your methods without being intrusive.

Be Helpful

Providing useful information is another way to make use of real estate CRM software. You may not know it, but a homeowner may want to learn about the current market trends or how the neighborhood is fairing, so availing this information makes you a valuable asset. Sending newsletters with current mortgage rates, design tips, home maintenance reminders, or remodeling ideas keep a realtor relevant and visible.

Conducting surveys and getting feedback on how to improve your services also helps maintain client relationships. It indicates that you value the opinions of customers and are willing to do better.