How to Improve Your Productivity with Free Real Estate CRM

How to Improve Your Productivity with Free Real Estate CRM

Every day, more real estate agents, brokers, and investors use online marketing tools like blogs, listing sites, and social media to generate sales leads and market properties. If you use digital or online marketing, you need a good customer relationship management system to fully automate selling and buying processes.

Select the Best Customer Relationship Management System

The most common are cloud-based software services. You’ll find several options designed specifically for real estate sales and marketing. Other systems can be customized for different industries including real estate listing and sales, and rentals and property management. You don’t need to download software to your computer and you’ll be able to access your information from any internet-connected device.

Next, there are browser extensions, add-ons, and desktop applications that help the software work efficiently with your computer’s operating system and web browser. Add-ons and extensions give you additional functionality like capturing lead and contact information from websites and receiving email messages on in your browser. This increases your productivity because you won’t need to have several windows open and multiple programs running.

Finally, there are mobile apps that either integrates with software or act as a stand-alone system for your mobile devices. Mobile CRM allows you to sync and access information on all mobile devices. A stand-alone app is convenient for an independent agent or investor. Many apps offer automatic backup and retrieval so you don’t lose data if you device is offline.

Customize for Your Workflows

When you look for a free customer relationship management system, know how you want it to work, otherwise, you could waste time setting up a system that doesn’t meet your needs. Here’s what you need to consider.

What type details and information you need to manage. Listing and rental agents will want a system to track properties for sale and units for rent. You’ll also need to track offers and applications in addition to progress and closing dates. Investors will want to track opportunities. Buyer’s agents will want to track multiple views by buyer and property.

What processes you need to automate. If a buyer requests information from a listing on your website, you’ll want to capture leads, send them an email, and notify you of inquiries. A rental agent will want to send applicants an email when a unit becomes available.

What analytics and reports you need. Every CRM offers reporting but make sure it’s in the format you prefer, whether that be raw numbers, dashboards, or chart and graph reports. Make sure it’s easy to customize as your needs change.

Free CRM Apps and Software Online

If you’re new to customer relationship management, how do you find the right features and functions without wasting time and money? If your existing system is too complicated or won’t work with your devices how can you try other systems without limited-time trials? Start by searching for “free CRM.” You’ll be able to compare many systems at no risk, no cost, and for an unlimited amount of time. Check out the IXACT CRM Contact website if you want to learn more.